Offer a memory captured forever as well as a magic experience



A highly original idea and the most perfect gift for your beloved ones, families and friends: a timeless photography session by Studio Harcourt Hong Kong.

Studio Harcourt gift voucher is the ideal and highest quality testimony of affection and love.

The photographer creates a unique atmosphere and image, timeless and full of emotion, as an artist who produces a unique piece of art.

Each portrait reveals a story, skillful alchemy between light and shadow. Inspired by movie shooting and using movie techniques, the photographer interacts with the model posing at the center and becoming the star of the session as would a movie star.

Studio Harcourt offers various beautiful gift packages: Prestige Portrait or Fashion & Legend boxes or Elegant Studio Harcourt Envelopes for Instant and Executive portraits. The gift certificate is valid in Studio Harcourt Hong Kong for one year.

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Do you long to revel in a unique photography experience?
Studio Harcourt Hong Kong invites you to become a star for a few hours!
You pose in a symphony of lights for an unforgettable photo session.
A timeless portrait with the celebrated Studio Harcourt stamp is a guarantee of quality.