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Studio Harcourt Paris was created in 1934 through a collaboration between Cosette Harcourt, the two Lacroix brothers and Robert Ricci (Nina Ricci’s son).
Studio Harcourt is world-famous for its distinctive glamourous black-and-white portraits inspired by the golden era of cinema, which give it its unique style that has become a legend and left a timeless mark.
For more than 80 years, "Studio Harcourt" has immortalized the portraits of 20th and 21st centuries movie stars and celebrities but also Parisian "bourgeoisie" and families. Nowadays, the studio is still a reference for artistic portraits all over the world.
Its unique art of lighting and sense of framing take the portrait to its most artistic and timeless dimension, reveal the natural beauty and character of the model, halfway between mystery and legend.
Studio Harcourt still expands its excellence and expertise and brings its tradition in Hong Kong – Central, the only Studio Harcourt overseas.

Refined cinema lightings, personalized make-up, staged methods of shooting, luxurious setting… many features make Studio Harcourt sessions an unique and glamorous experience.

By appointment only, Studio Harcourt team welcomes you for individual, family or group portraits which offer an unforgettable session.

Studio Harcourt has offers for any event of your choice.

Enter the legend!

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Do you long to revel in a unique photography experience?
Studio Harcourt Hong Kong invites you to become a star for a few hours!
You pose in a symphony of lights for an unforgettable photo session.
A timeless portrait with the celebrated Studio Harcourt stamp is a guarantee of quality.